June 18, 2024

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Threatening emails sent to some Citrus County voters

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On Oct. 21, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) was made aware of emails sent to Citrus County voters.

These emails were allegedly addressed from the group “Proud Boys” and made threatening statements to recipients.

The CCSO is working in partnership with the Supervisor of Elections Office to document these cases and forward all reports to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as the lead investigating agency. These emails are not isolated to Citrus Count,y and are being reported in pockets across the state. Nationally, Proud Boys has denied involvement.

The email threatens the voter to vote for a specific candidate or the group “will come after you.”

The emails also display the recipient’s name and address. As with all suspicious emails, we recommend citizens never to provide personal information or financial records. The CCSO said in a news release, “We encourage them not to respond and to notify law enforcement.

“We ask anyone who has received any such email to contact the CCSO Major Crimes Unit at 352-249-2790 and report the incident.”

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