Sheriff’s Office locates 2 runaway juveniles

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office has now found two runaway is looking for two local runaway juveniles — Xiohan Sebastian Luetshe, age 13, shown at left, and Shukuru Katherine Luetshe, age 11. (CCSO photo on June 30, 2018)

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office has found two local runaway juveniles safe and sound.

The first subject was Shukuru Katherine Luetshe. age 11, who was last seen wearing a purple shirt, pink pants, and black shoes. She had a pink and orange book bag and was riding a blue bicycle.

The second subject was Xiohan Sebastian Luetshe, age 13.  He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. He had an orange and black book bag and was riding a blue bicycle.

Both had last been seen in the area of North Obsidian Circle in Crystal River. They were not a danger to others; however, Xiohan has a medical condition that needs to be monitored.

During the search, the CCSO asked residents to check their properties, to include any out buildings such as sheds, beds of trucks, unlocked vehicles, outdoor utility areas and boats.



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