Levy County history

Levy County Courthouse in Bronson, Fla.
Levy County Courthouse in Bronson, Fla.

Levy County, Florida’s 27th county, was formed March 10, 1845.

It was named in honor of David Levy Yulee, who is also the namesake of the town of Yulee in Nassau County.

Yulee, the founder of the Florida Railroad Company, was nicknamed “Father of Florida Railroads.”

Yulee’s company set out to build the first railroad in Florida connectingthe Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. The first train successfully arrived in Cedar Key, on the Gulf coast, from Jacksonville on March 1, 1861.

During his time as a railroad magnate, Yulee was also one of the first two United States Senators to be elected from Florida. He served in the Senate until Florida seceded at the beginning of the Civil War, in 1861.

Levy County is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico with an area of approximately 1,412 square miles. Vibrant industries in the county now include fishing, timber, manufacturing, and distribution. Cedar Key, particularly, is noted for its fishing, restaurants, and ecotourism. Despite its railroad history, Levy County only has one current railroad line running through the county.

Today, Levy County is home to 40,801 residents.

The county seat of Levy County is Bronson.



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